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Αυγής 37 Ν. Ηράκλειο

Ελλάδα , Τ.Κ 14244






About Us

ACAD ltd partnership introduces Mobil M in Greece and presents a new way of thinking, creativity and commercial action plan that will profit the development of thepharmacy wealth, which is so much needed for the client!!Mobil M founded in 1968 in France. Today, forty years later still continues to invest into creativity and the commercial state of the art architecture of the field by being next to the pharmacist in every major change that this profession offers.

Contact Ways

image +30 (210) 28-20-882
+30 (210) 28-20-882


image Acad-Mobilm
Αυγής 37 , Ν.Ηράκλειο
Ελλάδα , Τ.Κ : 14121


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